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Therapy & Counselling for Young People

I know that being a young person can be hard enough on its own some days, let alone when we have other struggles happening as well. Having a space that's supportive and non-judgmental is fundamental to helping us feel safe and ready to process our day-to-day needs and struggles.

to give you a safe, non-judgmental space to be comfortable and authentic in
to help you feel more in control of the things that are going on in your life
to help you feel happier and calmer
to support you in the decisions you want to make
to allow you to talk through any issues that may feel 'stuck' or hard to deal with on your own

The aim of counselling is:

What 'type' of therapy do I use?

I am trained as an Integrative therapist and therefore I use a integrative model, this means I have knowledge and experience of many models of therapy rather than just one type. This includes:

  • Person Centred Therapy (PCT)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Gestalt

  • Mindfulness

I also have many other qualifications & CPD on a range of topics, models and personal interests. Some of these are based upon:

  • Attachment theory

  • Creative based therapy like art and play

  • Lego therapy

  • Clay therapy

  • Using games in therapy

  • ACE's

  • Autism awareness

  • Sensory needs

Relationship is key

I believe that the relationship between a client and counsellor is one of the most important parts of counselling. My main aim during sessions is to allow you to feel safe and comfortable so that when you feel it's right you can start to talk about some of the things that are troubling you. 

My whole approach is based around you and what you want from counselling; whether that is an ear to listen, coping strategies to take away or a place where you can completely be yourself and begin to explore some of the things that are causing you distress.

Creativity, Playfulness and Personalisation

Creativity and playfulness also form a huge part of my approach to therapy. Instilled from my own love of being creative, I've noticed the huge beneficial impact this approach can have to the therapeutic work that takes place.


I am able to include paint, drawing, clay, crafting, sensory approaches, games, activities, Lego and nature activities in to my work where possible.

I like to use a range of these models, approaches and experiences within my sessions to create a personal and unique way of therapy that works best for you or your young person.


The housekeeping...

Sessions typically last between 50-55 minutes and run once a week.

I have pre-determined time slots available with times throughout the day and the evening, however my evening slots are often in high demand.

I also hold membership with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and abide by their strict guidelines and rules to help keep you, and myself, safe and protected at all times during our work together.

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