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Throughout my many roles working in schools and within private practice I have loved sharing my knowledge and teaching others useful and productive skills for working with young people, so that more people are able to confidently and securely support young people with their mental health.

Art Class


Things I can educate, consult and deliver courses on are linked to my interests and specialities as a therapist, such as: 

  • Creative approaches to therapy

  • Being sensory aware in the therapy room

  • Using Lego in therapy

  • Making mindfulness fun

  • Great games for therapy: board, card and video games

       as well as general mental health awareness, trauma and building relationships with young people.

Game Playing Pieces

Consultancy and services

I can also lend my skills to any consultancy or support needed by organisations and schools to help support the wellbeing and mental health of their students and young people; whether this is general, school-wide guidance or more specific support regarding an individual's needs.

In the past I have also run a variety of clubs and groups for young people of varying ages on a range of therapeutic topics such as; Lego clubs, trauma groups, support groups for visually impaired young people, mindful clubs, sensory workshops and a lot more.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss any consultancy needs or if your seeking someone to run a therapeutic group or training session.

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